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Your Scribe Tribe

by Bud Katz

Are you a writer, poet, essayist, quill-driver, scribbler, or squibbler? The Highlands Writers Group wants to welcome you and your talents – they meet at 3:00 P.M. Tuesdays at The Bascom. For more information call (828) 526-3190 or email budandlynn@me.com.

Gotta write? Wanna write? Looking for your “Scribe Tribe?” Well, look no further!

The Highlands Writers Group welcomes all writers, from the experienced, even published, to those, perhaps literally, just thinking about dipping a quill into an inkwell.

Our diverse roster includes poets, memoirists, essayists, songwriters, novelists, at least one playwright, as well as short- and short-short fiction writers from Highlands, Cashiers, Franklin, and Northeast Georgia. We’ll help stimulate and encourage your creativity, help you with your work-in-progress, offer advice on both traditional and self-publishing, and share ideas and information designed to help you become the best writer you already are or want to be.

The Highlands Writers Group meets for two hours every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 P.M. in the Downstairs Conference Room at The Bascom. Often, our first half hour is designated for either reading members’ responses to a prompt that’s been sent out to stimulate creativity, or for discussing something related to the writing or publishing process brought to the group by one of our members.

The second 90 minutes are typically dedicated to workshopping our members’ work in progress, gently, so as not to leave marks. We do this in order to help one another identify areas needing improvement, or to highlight the many exceptional aspects of our members’ work.

There are no fees or dues for joining and participating in the Highlands Writers Group. We do, however, encourage members to join The Bascom in appreciation of their generosity in providing us a safe place to meet, with plenty of parking, and a beautiful environment in which to share our passion for the written word with one another.

For more information, contact Highlands Writers Group facilitator Bud Katz at (828) 526-3190 or email him at budandlynn@me.com.

Write on!

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