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You Know the Adage- Use it or Lose it? It’s TRUE

by Dr. Sue Aery

The human body is designed with precision and durability.  When the body is being used as it’s designed, it usually responds with great results.

Why wait until it’s too late?!  I have witnessed and experienced so many recoveries and healing episodes that I’m convinced the more I use my body fully, no matter what my age, the better it responds and takes care of me.

When we become abusive or sedentary, we do the damage that poorly affects our future and longevity as well as our general ability to move, perform and enjoy life.

So how do we move through things like injury and arthritis? We do it slowly and deliberately in order to keep the “flow of life” going. The steady and consistent movement of all body parts is how they continue working and performing well. Just like the engine in our car or lawnmower, if we keep it well oiled (micronutrition) and fueled (macronutrition), it has a greater chance of running the way we want it to.

Proper nutrition is more important than any supplemental vitamins and minerals. Supplementation is meant to be just that – supplemental – not to replace eating properly but to bridge that gap.  We rust as toxicity settles in our joints or engine but if we keep the engine clean, the parts will run just fine. Our joints rely on full movement on a consistent basis. If we move well six months out of the year and then become sedentary for the other six, we will pay the price, lose mobility and range of motion and begin to deteriorate and break down rapidly, sometimes beyond repair. This deleterious process will also begin to cause a decline in your balance and result in loss of confidence, often leading to falls and a negative emotional response.

Our mind is a very vital component of movement and motivation as we age, so keep it healthy too. If you treat your body half as well as you treat your car, using it instead of losing it, you will be a happy camper!

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