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Wonderful Time to Write

by Bud Katz

The Highlands Writers Group is a celebration of the talents of scribblers of all stripes.

Winter on the Plateau! There’s no place more beautiful, as long as there’s no ice on the roads.

And, there’s no better time to scribble or type words while the forest sleeps in advance of what promises to be a most interesting, if not exciting 2020.

The Highlands Writers Group meets weekly, all year long, sharing stories, poetry, essays, memoirs and all else contained within the broad category of creative writing. Members of the group run the gamut from neophyte storytellers to multi-published authors, poets and songwriters, journalists and essayists. We exist to support one another in the often solitary, sometimes frustrating, always rewarding craft of writing whatever it is we absolutely must share with the world.

On any given meeting day, there are anywhere from a handful to sometimes dozens of us sharing our work with one another. And while some folks are both dedicated and committed (or should be), others enjoy the ability to simply sit and listen to excerpts from novels, completed short stories, Haikus, epic poems, op-eds and thoughtful essays, excavated memories and everything else in between, read by the writer him- or herself.

The Highlands Writers Group has been meeting for decades with the single purpose of encouraging those who have been bitten by the bug to be the best of whatever sort of writer they want to be. Some of us long to see our work in print or online. Others hope to leave a legacy for future generations. Still others choose to fill whatever time they allot to the craft in pursuit of creating something just for their own brand of happiness.

The Highlands Writers Group is a great way to make new writer friends, focus your voice, sharpen your craft, and find encouragement for your efforts. Everyone is invited. Weather permitting, we meet every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 P.M. in the downstairs conference room at The Bascom Center for the Visual Arts, just west of downtown Highlands on the Franklin Road.

For more information, contact Bud Katz, (828) 526-3190, or via email at budandlynn@me.com.

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