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Vision 20|20 Retreat at The Mountain

by Rachel Kinback

It’s easy to chart a New Year when you hold a new vision of You.

With rhythm under your feet, a bonfire with friends, and fresh crystalline air in your lungs, you can welcome in the New Year 2020 feeling aligned and connected to your inner vision.

Resolutions at New Year’s are on everyone’s mind. Who will you be in 2020? Writing something down on paper may do your goal justice, but there’s another way to set into motion all that you want to manifest this next year.

Step over the threshold into 2020 in a conscious way with this carefully crafted offering at the Mountain Retreat and Learning Center.

That’s Vision 20|20.

The future is now, we are rocketing through time and space and will soon arrive in the year 2020. What kind of world awaits us? How can you create the future that you want to see?

It all starts with the self. You. It’s not possible to implement your visions, unless you are healthy and well. New Year’s is a time of transition; of laying to rest and making peace with the past and Visioning for the future. Take time this season to Be Present at The Mountain. We’ve crafted an experience that prompts inward reflection as well as outward celebration.

The programming highlights include a transcendental New Year’s Eve Concert with The Flying Mystics – an instrumental trio based out of Atlanta. Shamanic journey, sonic healing, higher consciousness and world music are common descriptions of their unique sound.

Dance your goals and desires into being with a Daily 5Rhythms session led by Azi Amanzadeh. This is a dynamic movement practice of being in your body – it ignites creativity, connection and community through dance.

Enjoy a Releasing Fire Ceremony, Guided Hikes to Old Growth and Waterfalls, Yoga and Meditations with Shonali Banerjee, Forest Bathing and Labyrinth Walk with Sarah Southerland, Permaculture Resolutions and Green Burial with Michael Judd, Belly Dancing with Radiance Aglow, Self Massage and Ayurveda Body Care with Ashby Underwood, Creative Art and Music Making and a New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge with Chad Garner.

Locals are welcome! Day Passes and Evening Tickets are available for this five Day/ four-night Celebration. Make your reservation soon at mountainrlc.org/new-years or call (828) 526-5838.

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