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Suzy Landa at Peak Experience

by Luke Osteen

An exclusive trunk show at Peak Experience, slated for October 18-20, promises to illuminate the Plateau with the dazzling jewelry of designer Suzy Landa.

Peak Experience will host a trunk show featuring the stunning creations of jewelry designer Suzy Landa, October 18-20.

Landa’s unique styles and color choices make her collection a masterful complement to Peak Experience, which has earned a reputation for showcasing unique works of art with timeless sensibilities.

“I create jewelry that marries an old world air with a modern flair,” says Ms. Landa. “An admitted, committed colored stone junkie, I fall in love with a gem and work backwards to create something that makes the centerpiece appear as though it was born there. Reliance on warm gold alloys and a satin finish in order to highlight the gems rather than the metal allows those stones to take center stage. In many cases, the resulting pieces are one-of-a-kind.

“I play with layers, negative space, movement, and dimension to create pieces that look different when observed from varying angles; and they often have unexpected, surprise elements.

“My favorite pieces to design are rings: Whether an unusual engagement ring, a collection of stackers, or a single gemmy ring, rings are pieces the wearer can admire on her own, without looking in the mirror. As a jewelry artist, I am dedicated to uncompromising gemstone quality and expert craftsmanship of the finished product. My attention to detail is evident in the work.

“I design for a woman who favors timeless statement pieces over disposable, only temporarily ‘hot’ ones. She is confident in her own sense of style, doesn’t follow “mainstream” fashion, and knows what she loves the moment she sees it. She expects to love her pieces in 10 years as much as she does on that first day. I believe that the “classics” I create for today’s collectors will be valued by future generations.

“Handcrafted entirely in New York City, the 18k gold, diamond, and gemstone collection is designed to be worn, not stored. It is meant for effortless elegance and easy casual wear. Precious stones may be worn every day, bright colors can be surprisingly neutral, and diamonds… well, what are you saving them for?”

Peak experience is located at 2820 Dillard Road in Highlands. For more information, call (828) 526-0229.

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