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Spirit of Christmas at Carpe Diem Farms

by Sue Blair

I grew up embracing the spirit of Christmas. I honor and appreciate all other traditions, however, my experience was two-fold — the man in the red suit and the Biblical Nativity story, the birth of Baby Jesus. It was challenging at best for a child to understand the holy aspects while bombarded by the lights, trees, Santa’s, gift giving and holiday cheer.

As I reflect on all that has happened to and for Carpe Diem Farms this year, the gifts we have been given; the people who have supported our efforts, the participants old and new who affirm what we do through and with the horses, it makes me continue to believe that there really is a Santa Claus. The spirit of Christmas is alive and well ever day at CDF. It’s Santa Claus in the spiritual sense, St. Nicholas, who reminds us of the season and why we celebrate the birth of a baby.

The spirit is in the heart of the farm and the hearts of all who participate. You can’t buy it, and you can’t get it from anyone else, you must feel it for yourself. Nature, the place and especially the horses, the backbone of our existence, allow us to tap into that part of ourselves we may otherwise never experience — The place in ourselves of feeling: happy, content, at peace.

It takes a lot to keep the farm and all its resident animals healthy. As an experiential educational foundation (501)(c)(3), we rely on help from donors to support what we do. We have been blessed this year with a special bequest in the will of our amazing friend, Martha Parish. Our secret Santa. Her love of the place; the horses; the projects and programs, most of which she personally attended; her volunteering in the Easy’s Slipper factory; and bringing everyone she knew on a tour were her expressions of the spirit. We are truly blessed.

May the Spirt of the Holidays fill your heart!

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