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Put Your Best Hoof Forward

by Sue Blair

For a pair of Carpe Diem horses, the road to recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.

Since October of last year, two of the horses of Carpe Diem Farms, Sweet Pea and Battersea Tracy, have expanded the exposure of the farm around the globe.

Both horses, for reasons which will always be a mystery, suffered hoof abscesses, different though similar, which went rogue in each horse’s hoof, and was life threatening. The old adage, “No hoof, no horse,” was our reality on a daily basis for more than seven months.

If you’ve been following their stories here and on our Facebook page, you have witnessed one procedure for Sweet Pea that resulted in the loss of the lateral exterior and lateral sole of her right hoof. Tracy had three massive surgeries, which included the removal of the majority of the medial interior of her hoof, and the exterior of the lateral side of the same hoof. The infection was relentless!

The miracle of miracles is that both horses have survived and are now thriving. Sweet Pea has grown an entirely new hoof in her Easy’s Slippers! Tracy continues to heal on a daily basis. Because her surgeries were so extensive, it will take another six months to a year of watchful and continual care to grow back the interior support system of her hoof. The good news is that after seven months in a stall she is able to go outside in confined areas for two to three hours a day to munch on grass and get back to being a horse.

Because of our connectedness to the world, both horses’ stories, procedures, medical and alternative healing modalities have been seen by our followers around the globe. More than 200 have been daily prayer warriors. Volunteers have shown up at the farm to help in so many ways. We’ve invented new products for both horses in the Easy’s Slipper factory and they are being used on other horses now around the world!

Carpe Diem Farms is a 501(c)(3) experiential education center, “Exploring the human potential through equines.”

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