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Preserve your Rhythms

by Donna Rhodes

The mysteries of sleep and its endless complications weigh heavily on our overall health.

Sleep is sleep, right? I drink a glass of wine before bed to guarantee a good snooze. It might make me snore, but, hey, the louder the snore the deeper the sleep. Four hours of shut-eye and I’m good to go.

Share these assumptions with the experts at Mission Health and they’d politely respond, “Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.”

Recent results of long-term sleep studies tell us that seven to 10 hours’ sleep per night is essential to good health. Anything less can result in serious cardiovascular illness and early mortality. The brain needs deep REM sleep to achieve delta waves, which release restorative hormones. Loud snoring is a sign of apnea, which causes increased risk for heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, asthma, high blood pressure, glaucoma, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and cognitive and behavioral disorders. Wine before bed has serious drawbacks. It pulls us out of REM sleep and exacerbates apnea.There is a long list of other myth-conceptions about sleep habits. The team at Mission that treats sleep disorders is eager to help get you back on a healthy, restful track. Options available to you include either an in-lab sleep test or a home sleep test.

“At all Mission Health locations, specifically including Highlands-Cashiers Hospital, Mission Sleep offers in-lab testing and Home Sleep Testing to better serve our patients and community members,” says Meghan Marshall, Regional Manager of Sleep Services. “The top three sleep conditions that Mission Sleep currently sees patients for includes Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, and Insomnia. Qualification for an in-lab sleep test versus a home sleep test often depends on insurance. Most commercial insurers have transitioned to a home-sleep testing first. Patients who may have complicated health histories or severe co-morbidities (more than one serious health condition) may be a better fit for an in-lab sleep study so they can be more closely monitored.

“Mission Sleep is here to offer all of our patients, both adults and children, the tools and resources needed to help them sleep and function better.”

For more information or to schedule a sleep test, call (828) 213-4670.

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