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Mrs. Mermaid North Carolina

by Ashley Stewart

Of all the places you’d expect to see a mermaid, the mountains certainly isn’t one of them. But freshwater mermaids have populated our lakes and rivers as long as their saltwater cousins have lived in the ocean. One in particular has called the Plateau home for the last five years.

On land, her name is Brittany Gordon. A lifelong resident of Cashiers, Brittany has always loved mermaids and the ocean, an obsession that started with the Disney movie, “The Little Mermaid.”

Her childhood dream came true in 2014 when she got her first tail.

“I’ve always been a mermaid,” she says, “Swimming with a tail comes naturally to me.”

Brittany won the title of Mrs. Mermaid North Carolina in 2019. This national competition is similar to other beauty pageants, but with a slightly different focus. There is still a fashion and talent portion, but the competition also focuses on water-based skill sets such as swimming, breath hold times, and environmental conservation efforts.

Brittany uses her alter ego, Fyn, to bring awareness to the use of plastics and their impact on the environment. Plastics, such as shopping bags, straws, and bottles have an effect on all aquatic life, not just those that live in the ocean.

“Just because we live in the mountains, doesn’t mean what we do doesn’t affect the environment. We all have to do our part to reduce our dependency on disposable plastics,” says Brittany. When she’s not spreading awareness about plastics, Brittany is making a difference in the lives of dogs through her organization, Rossco’s Rescues, a no-kill canine rescue organization dedicated to preventing animal cruelty.

Fyn loves to visit all of the local rivers and waterfalls. Her favorite is Secret Falls in Highlands. “Mermaids like privacy,” says Fyn, “Secret Falls is the perfect little mermaid cove.” She has also been known to frequent Silver Run Falls in Cashiers and Lake Glenville. It’s not easy to catch sight of mermaids in the wild, but if you drop by the Highlands or Cashiers swimming pools, you might just catch a glimpse of her!

Fyn loves making appearances at birthday parties and promotional events. If you would like to book Fyn for your event, you can email her at wncmermaid@gmail.com.

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