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Mixon: Marvelous Muralist

by Luke Osteen

Comparing Jenny Mixon to Michaelangelo probably isn’t fair to either artist.

Yet each has spent a good portion of their careers pondering the possibilities of transforming ordinary ceilings into transcendent creations.

For Jenny, turning her artistic vision to ceilings and beams is a natural progression.

She’s already earned a reputation throughout the Southeast for her innovative design techniques. Over the course of her 25 years as an interior artist, she’s honed her skills as a decorative painter, a faux finisher, a phenomenal transformer of interiors, a reclaimed furnishings expert, and a marvelous muralist.

Realizing that ceiling is believing, Jenny turned her gaze upward.

“When you think about it, ceilings and beams are enormous pieces of real estate that are ignored when considering decorating,” she says. “But if they’re done right, they can add so much to a room’s overall look. In fact, at the moment I’m doing a lot of work transforming beams into driftwood colors, which seems to be the current design trend.”

Jenny says it’s important for designers and homeowners to think of ceilings when considering the look of an entire room. If the design plan neglects the top of a room, it draws attention away from the other aspects that have been so meticulously considered.

And by creating faux beams with their apparent “dimensionality” and their bold presence, Jenny is able to tie together the look of an entire space in ways that can’t be matched by any other design decision.

If these photographs of her work inspire you, contact her for a chat and consultation. Her studio address is 181 Highway 64 West in Cashiers. Phone her at (678) 943-4637 or visit jennymixon.com. Her Instagram account is jennymixondecorativepainting.

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