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Magnolia Concierge Services

by Luke Osteen

Luxuriate in a life predicated upon reliable concierge treatment.

When you examine the list of services provided by Magnolia Concierge Services, well, it’s pretty daunting.

They range from the large-scale – home renovation coordination, property maintenance and landscaping supervision, home organization projects, and winterization chores; to the everyday – mail management, pick up and delivery for car repairs, and settling-in services for clients and their houseguests; all the way to the deeply personal – grocery shopping and prescription pickups, gift shopping and selecting the perfect presents for special occasions, and handling returns and exchanges.

Talk about being pampered – think of arriving home for the season and having the refrigerator and pantry filled and the bar stocked, with flowers strategically placed throughout. That’s not quintessence of concierge living.

And consider how it’d simplify your life to have someone on call to make airport runs for yourself or your loved ones.

It’s a vast portfolio, but it works because Magnolia Concierge Services is the brainchild of Janet Sanchez.

A natural problem solver, Janet brings 16 years of experience to managing properties and bringing a comforting measure of organization into hectic lives.

That’s coupled with her Insider’s Understanding of life on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau. She’s been a part of the community for over 40 years. That gives her profound insight into the tradespeople and services that can be relied upon, the bargains that can be found throughout the area, and the comfort that comes from knowing you are enjoying the best that life on the Plateau can offer.

“Whether by the hour, the month, or the event, let us help restore the balance to your life,” says Ms. Sanchez. “Our services are tailored to meet your needs. The charges for services are dependent upon the scope of your requests.”

Of course, the hallmark of Magnolia Concierge Services is personalized attention, so set an appointment to meet with Janet – call (561) 613-1496, or email magnoliatree1964@gmail.com

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