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Lucy’s books

by Luke Osteen

A challenge to a group of children has mushroomed into a charming tale about books and the power of imagination.

When Jessica Martin, the Youth Coordinator at Albert Carlton-Cashiers Community Library, challenged her young charges to write their own books, she knew the best way to demonstrate the project was to compose her own story.

“I asked the kids to write about something they loved, that they have a passion for, and in my case, that’s sitting down with a good book,” she says. “Reading should be fun and I knew I could convey that excitement in a book of my own.”

To demonstrate this lesson to the children, Jessica composed her own book, “Lucy’s Books.” It’s the tale of a little rich girl named Lucy, who’s been given everything she wishes, except books.

“Lucy’d like to have books of her own, but her parents tell her that since she has a computer and all sorts of video games, she really doesn’t need storybooks,” Jessica says.

“A school field trip to the public library opens Lucy’s eyes to all the stories and all the adventures that await readers, yet she’s saddened to think that those books long to find a home, just as she’s longed to have books in her home. The librarian explains that the books are actually very fortunate, because they get to go to many homes and tell their stories to multiple children. They’re brought back to the library to rest, and other books get to go out with those same children for further adventures. When Lucy asks how she can help, the librarian gives her a library card and invites her to take as many books home as she can read, remembering to bring those books back so that other books can enjoy spending time with her.”

When Jessica showed her prospective storytellers her own effort, the response encouraged her to find a way for “Lucy’s Books” to go on its own adventure. As a result, Jessica has invited her niece to come up with her own illustrations, with the goal of finding a publisher, ultimately with “Lucy’s Books” finding its own place on the shelves of Albert Carlton-Cashiers Community Library.

“I hope it inspires our young patrons to develop their own stories and then to share them with the world,” Jessica says.

If you’d like to learn the status of the “Lucy’s Books” publication process and discover how local youth are developing their own talents and imaginations, stop by Albert Carlton-Cashiers Community Library at 249 Frank Allen Road. You can also email Jessica at jmartin@fontanalib.org.

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