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Histamines-Seasonal Allergies

by Dr. Sue Aery

Lassoing those pesky Histamines can provide relief from runny noses and itchy, watery eyes, this busy season and throughout the year.

Sneezing a lot? Change of season making you have a runny nose and itchy eyes?

You may be dealing with a histamine intolerance, and this is not fun!

Histamines are small chemical molecules that are in your bloodstream as well as in the gut and they have several roles in human function. They are released by special immune cells to target invaders and are also part of your stomach acid that helps to break food down into smaller particles for digestion.

If the body is bombarded by too many “invaders” in the form of foods that stimulate histamines, the quantity of histamines becomes excessive and begins affecting the tissues in the body, causing an abundance of symptoms. These symptoms can be as common as sneezing and runny eyes, or more complicated like headache and fatigue and even leaky gut.

The breakdown of the gut tissue makes the histamine reaction even more intense because the immune system becomes overloaded and compromised. This is when inflammation moves into overdrive and the body can no longer take care of the simple tasks, causing a constant state of a weakened immune system and becoming more susceptible to easy infections and colds.

The best way to bring the immune system back to a balanced state is to remove the triggers that cause the histamines to release, take care of the proper balance of stomach acid and increase the potential of the immune system by removing the burden of too many histamines. This is easier said than done, as it is not that easy to figure out what is causing the body to respond as an allergic reaction. There are tests that can determine the triggers, which makes this process much easier.

There are also specific supplements that will protect the gut and reduce the release of histamines. The two more common supplements are Quercitin and Bromelain — both reduce the inflammation, as well as protecting the immune system in the gut and slowing the release of histamines.

With a little hard work, a bit of education and some good supplements, you may find that there is no such thing as a seasonal allergy!

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