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HCH Welcomes Peter Pavarini

by Donna Rhodes

A path across the country and through the labyrinth of the American healthcare system has brought Peter Pavarini to the board of Highlands-Cashiers Hospital.

Inspired, engaged and knowledgeable board members are essential to a healthy organization.

Mission Health is thrilled to welcome Peter Pavarini, a man of such character, to the Highlands-Cashiers Hospital board. He is a nationally-recognized lawyer, specializing in the business and legalities of healthcare.

Even though Peter grew up in Long Island, New York, graduated from law school in Boston and settled with his wife (a Public Health Johns Hopkins grad) in Ohio, he had a date with destiny in North Carolina. He was already music lover, having collected and played 30-plus acoustic instruments.

But what finally struck the deal was a family reunion (his mom’s idea) at High Hampton in Cashiers. Instant love. A few years later, Peter and his wife purchased a mountain retreat. Now, he is immersing himself in our community by volunteering, meeting and greeting business owners. He is also pursuing a personal calling: seeing that everyone has access to quality healthcare.

What better way to do that than join the board at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital? Peter brings a lifetime of experience, gathered from all over the United States. From Native American adobe clinics to rural Midwestern hospitals to large urban healthcare facilities, he’s familiarized himself with hospitals across America.

Comparing the Highlands-Cashiers Hospital to all the rural medical facilities he has seen, Peter was struck by the first-rate care available. Doctors, nurses and staff, for example, are easily accessible. But most impressive are the exceptional ER capabilities. If you thought you had to go to Asheville or Atlanta in an emergency situation, well, not anymore! State-of-the-art emergency care at the hospital stabilizes patients. If required, instant telehealth access links to a specialist in the Mission Health system. If necessary, an immediate airlift to Mission Hospital in Asheville awaits on the helipad.

Peter says, “Highlands-Cashiers Hospital is a jewel. You don’t go to many communities and find such a modern, well-equipped hospital.” On a personal level, Peter says, “If my grandkids or aging parents come up to visit, and one breaks a bone or suffers a severe cut, I am comforted that I am right around the corner from a superior ER.”

Welcome Peter Pavarini to the area by emailing him at Peter.pavarini@gmail.com.

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