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Get Hooked on Fall Fly Fishing

by Matt Canter

Fly fishing in October is an elevated game that tests the wits and skills of even seasoned anglers.

There’s a crispness in the air, a layer of fog over the river, and vibrant color paints the mountains.

October is a month that every fly angler looks forward to. It’s a turning of the season… the time of year we break out our waders again because the water has cooled too much to stand in bare legged like we did all summer.

The fish we pursue feel the change as well. They come out of their lethargic summer slump to feed heavily in preparation for the winter to come.

October is magical here in the Mountains of North Carolina. Whether you’re a seasoned angler, or someone that’s never held a fishing rod, this is a really good time to stand knee-deep in a river and enjoy the great sport of fly fishing. Along with desirable conditions to be outdoors, and fish that are happily feeding, one other major perk to fly fishing in the fall is that our larger rivers have cooled down to the point of being productive again. This is a very appealing element to the fly angler here in North Carolina, since most of the summers are spent in small streams with very little room for a back-cast without snagging a tree limb. This also makes for an ideal setting in which to learn as well.

If you want to experience fall fly fishing here in Western North Carolina, a good place to start is always your local Fly Shop. Hiring a local fly-fishing guide can greatly reduce the learning curve of diving into what some would classify as an intimidating sport.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type person, the local knowledge that comes from a specialty fly shop can be priceless, and greatly add to your experience on the water.

Water conditions and weather conditions are constantly changing, which affects the strategy of how to approach your day of fishing. A few minutes to run into the Fly Shop can take all the guesswork away, and get you right to it!

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