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Embed Yourself in Nature

by Mary Palmer Dargan

Everyone is invited to learn the secrets of healthy living through nature at an experiential event on the Cashiers Village Green.

Dip your toe into creating a Wellness Garden at the Cashiers Village Green at 10:00 A.M. Friday, April 19.

Contact me at mpdargan@dargan.com to register for this free, experiential event. This “hands-on” workshop is two hours and designed to help you think spatially and use all the elements of LIFELONG Landscape Design.

When I walk around my late winter garden at Dovecote and look for the emergent ramps (the North Carolina version of the American Leek), parsley “snow survivors,” and kale warriors, I’m enjoying a cycle of life. It’s seasonal. I feel connected with nature. I don’t think about what I do as a landscape architect for my clients’ welfare. This is simply the enjoyment of, admiring and tending my personal nutritional garden collection.

LIFELONG Landscape Design is about physiological relationships with being outside − in nature. This proven approach to health benefits from your home environment happens when you support your lifestyle with certain elements.

While organizing information gleaned from Health Care Garden Design, an international certification program taught at The Chicago Botanical Garden, I created an acronym, LIFELONG, so I could remember all the elements − Live with the Web of Life, Interact in Social Places at Home, Facilitate Access, Energy & Action, Live with Passive Places, Organize Stress-Free Spaces, Nutritional Garden Collection, Get a Healthy House. Each of these concepts provides your physical body with health and wellness, and easy access for your home environment.

The innocent and simple act of being in nature holds an enormous benefit to your life. The stress hormone Cortisol (the fight-or-flight mechanism of survival) is quickly and freely reduced when you embed yourself in nature, touch plants, and breathe. This reduces a massive load of stress on your body and mind.

So many more garden wellness techniques are available with little effort, just forethought, and desire. Please join us to create a Wellness Garden at the Cashiers Village Green on April 19 at 10:00 A.M.

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