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Dog Lover’s Perfect Gift

by Donna Rhodes

Pippa Seichrist puts the “Wow” in Bow-Wow. Her amazing canine face jugs are a ceramic dog show, each vessel filled with wag and wonder.

Pippa, artist and owner of Miami Ad School, says her craft is a happy compromise. Her husband loves and collects face jugs which are not her cup of tea, so she designed something that would accommodate a mutual love of dogs and her spouse’s penchant for face jugs.

She’s not kidding when she says the Seichrists are dog lovers. They have a revolving door for strays, the entrance swinging in, rarely out. She says dog hair at their house is a fashion statement. At bedtime, the walking hair factories pile on a king-sized bed leaving little room for master and mistress.

Pippa has an uncanny grasp of what a dog is feeling. She says, “When dogs gaze into your eyes it’s their way of hugging you. If you’re a dog person, you can tell what your dog is thinking just by looking at its face or its ears. I love capturing these expressions. The angle of an ear, shape of an eye, and silliness of a tongue hanging out of the side of a mouth.”

Her creations began as a way of preserving the faces of her family’s own pack. As her collection increased, she started photographing other people’s dogs and fashioning custom jug portraits for sale. Her samples grew, and so did sales. Now she has a thriving business of commissions. She works from photos people send her and gets rave reviews for capturing the essence of owners’ beloved pets.

To learn more about Pippa’s productions, visit DogFacePottery.com.

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