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Dear Immigrants

by Kaye McHan

A heartfelt note of gratitude reveals the compassionate heart at the core of The International Friendship Center.

Dear Immigrants,

Thank you for choosing to leave your homes and families and to gain a new life of freedom. A freedom that we enjoy now, 399 years after you landed in Plymouth Harbor. You gave up the comfort of your home and family along with the lives of sons, husbands and brothers to ensure we gained and retain that freedom.

Thank you for teaching us that sometimes you have to make difficult changes to see progress. Thank you for following your dreams, your lessons of perseverance, hard work and determination to live a better life and provide for your family. When things get tough, you kept pushing to pay your bills, get an education in hopes that one day it would be easier. Thank you for putting food on our tables. Thank you for opening your businesses and creating jobs, promoting innovation, sharing your talents, skills, cultural traditions that contribute to our country’s economic productivity.

Thank you for embracing our values by seeking a country where you can worship freely, express yourself without fear of government retribution, and chart your own economic destiny. You remind us that the dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is real when we take it for granted. Thank you for being a stakeholder in America and showing us that our country is still a land of hope.

Whether you landed on Plymouth Rock, came through Ellis Island, crossed a border in the middle of the night or drifted in on a boat, thank you for reminding us that America is amazing and many people on this earth do not have the same rights to live free, express our opinions, elect our leaders, and follow our dreams.

Thank you for your inventions that make our lives better everyday. Thank you for your creative works that inspire and give us entertainment and food for thought.

Thank you for loving this country and making America your home. Thank you for keeping the American dream alive.

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