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Culinary Fun for Littles and Bigs

by Danielle Hernandez-Juarez

Littles got a taste of the magic of cooking with an evening of fun in the kitchen, courtesy of Highlands Spice & Tea Exchange.

Littles and Bigs from both the Cashiers and Highlands programs spiced things up August 2 by joining Rachel Lewicki at the Highlands Spice & Tea Exchange for an evening of culinary fun.

Many Littles in the program have expressed a strong interest in food, learning to cook and expanding their culinary horizons. This love of food and desire for improving their kitchen skills led to this wonderful opportunity to collaborate with other program participants where the Littles quickly took control of the kitchen, showing off their expertise and passion for cuisine! Bigs, the outstanding mentors of the program, cheered their Littles on as children rotated through stations and found their comfort and focus at their chosen cooking stations.

While some were chopping and mashing away at building a flavorful and creamy guacamole, others were bringing some heat to the table with spice concoctions developed in-house to the taco meat, and, last but not least, another team was diligently layering the savory tiers of a zesty seven-layered dip fit for a king! Littles were fully engaged in developing this Latin-inspired feast and were eager to share their masterpieces with their mentors and council members who applauded their flawless execution of flavor and skill in the kitchen.

The best part was yet to come – DONUTS! Littles were introduced to an air fryer during this dessert component of their meal. The children were eager to design and develop their own donut masterpieces using flavored sugars available at the Highlands Spice & Tea Exchange. One thing is for sure – the watermelon sugar was a hit for both Littles and Bigs!

Big Brothers Big Sisters is incredibly proud of the impressive diligence and teamwork program Littles demonstrated in this cooking experience with their Bigs. The Cashiers and Highlands community programs are eager to continue supporting Littles in their endeavors and to provide equal collaboration with Bigs and families alike to further Littles in their hopes and dreams!

Experiences and opportunities like this are made possible by your generosity, whether it is through volunteering with the program as a Big (mentor) to a child in your community, by collaborating as a council member with your local chapter, or by donating.

If you would like more information on how you can contribute to inspiring the potential and hopes and dreams of a child in your community program, please visit bbbswnc.org or call your local program coordinator for Cashiers and Highlands, Danielle Hernandez, at (828) 399-9133.

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