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Clouds, Reflection & Light

by Donna Rhodes

The Cooper team makes a huge impact on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau.

While Chuck delivers the sound of Highlands, WHLC, to our ears, Wanda captures its visual beauty on her phone for our welcoming eyes. Her most recent eye-popping contribution is the stunning cover of this month’s Laurel.

It’s one thing to take amazing photos. It’s quite another to snap them while sliding down an icy path, dragged by Carson, the Cooper’s enthusiastic pup. Wanda’s trigger finger, encumbered by the leash, is jerked this-way-and-that as she attempts to immortalize a vista whose perfect light might last only a matter of seconds.

When she’s not out walking, sliding, and shooting, Wanda’s managing the station’s books. Or she’s monitoring magnificent views from her picture windows, upstairs and down, phone/camera at one hand, computer at the other. She waits for a breath-taking sunset, a flock of waterfowl, a picturesque snowy evening, or an iconic fall or winter scene. Mother Nature never disappoints.

And neither does Wanda.

“I started doing more than just snapping about five years ago,” she says. “I am passionate about shooting. I happened to see a rainbow a couple of weeks ago while sitting on the sofa. I had to run upstairs, fling open the door, and shoot. It didn’t last but a couple of moments, and my timing was perfect.”

Frequently, during sunset’s prime-time, Carson walks with her around Harris Lake and condos, straight up Spring Street.

She often yells, “Wait a minute! Wait a minute, Carson.”

He stops while she frames a superb image, composed of clouds, reflection, and light.

“I got a shot, of which I am very proud, over the retention pond. Who would have thought? A retention pond photo! Photos are everywhere … right down my street or right out my window.”

It’s no wonder. Her home is positioned in clear view of Satulah and Bear Pen Mountains.

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