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Cancer, Cure or Prevent?

by Dr. Sue Aery

Some simple lifestyle choices can be critical in the prevention of cancer.

Just the thought of cancer can be daunting. We’re surrounded by news of cancer or overwhelmed by our own personal confrontations with it – whether it is yourself, a family member, or what is constantly reported in the media – it is everywhere!

Cancer is a menace to our health, but most people are looking for a cure after the fact.  Why not look at prevention as well in the first place?  In the process of a cure, we can also be working on understanding the foundation of it and then the ways to be more proactive in prevention.

The thing we do know on a very basic level is that cancer cells live within each of us. Our ability to keep these cells contained and at a minimal quantity is truly our greatest preventive measure. Cancer cells thrive on several things which help to increase their numbers and therefore, their outcome:  a diet low  in real nutrition, too much sugar of any kind and a lack of oxygen to our deepest parts and tissues. The cancer cells love these environments and will proliferate if we provide this for them.

Certainly, some people are more predisposed to cancer than others and family history and genetics does play a part in whether cancer manifests in your lifetime or not. But think of what you can do to be healthier and an uninviting home for these menacing cells to grow and divide into something horrible or even deadly.

Let’s look at the many ways to go after prevention and let the scientists research the cures! First, flood your body with the cleanest and most nutrient dense foods that you can find – buy organic (or food that you know is grown using these methods) and non-gmo whenever you can. Antioxidants, necessary in this prevention scheme, are found in fruits and vegetables of all kinds and a wide variety is one key for the goal.

Drink only purified/filtered water and a lot of it every day. When you eat meat proteins, know the source (ask your server every time you’re out to eat) and choose local, grass fed, organic, free range and/or wild caught and not grain-fed or poorly farm-raised.

Increase your immune potential with a strong strain of probiotic, vitamin D3, fermented foods and eat a variety of foods, not the same all the time.

Exercise moderately, not too strenuously and let your body recover from each workout and sleep enough hours each day, preferably six to eight.  If you’re an athlete and strenuous exercise is the norm for you, you need to be following these guidelines doubly!

Be mindful of your stress levels, find happiness and laugh a lot. Meditation is a great practice for calm, healing and overall health. 

Body and self care is also very important, whether you are a cancer survivor, a preventer or both. Be sure to understand your body and what it needs to prosper in the healthiest ways and be well! Prevention is the key!  The cure will come someday!

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