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Beautiful Chaos

by Donna Rhodes

Kim Cullen’s fine jewelry, the centerpiece of Smitten’s Third Thursday celebration, is the end product of a deeply personal treasure hunt.

Does your inner gypsy-rock star long to wear a cluster of freshwater pearls, chained and swaddled in Beautiful Chaos?

She can, you know. All she has to do is attend Smitten’s Third Thursday, October 17, which will feature Kim Cullen’s Beautiful Chaos fine jewelry collection.

Beautiful Chaos showcases unique handmade pendants, bracelets, and an eclectic mix of necklaces that allow women to feel strong, daring and relevant.

Kim, owner, designer, and jewelry genius says, “I engage clients in a personal styling experience that allows them to be part of the design process. Many customers refer to it as a treasure hunt. 

“I created a pulley system that allows the ensembles to be worn many ways.  I use found objects, old coins, prisms, stones and hand-wired chain to create unique interchangeable ensembles.  I handcut the stones and prisms and solder and electroplate them into pendants. My Gypsy Wrap bracelets feature a convenient magnetic clasp and they can be worn as necklaces as well.”  

Kim delights in making her clients part of the design process. She has thousands of pendants, chains, ornaments, gems, prisms, pearls, and more from which to choose. Pick anything that speaks to your inner goddess, then, under the guidance of Kim, watch it transform into not only one eye-popping piece, but, thanks to her unique pulley-system, a wardrobe of necklaces/bracelets with just one set of interchangeable chains and ornaments. The combinations are endless. And so are the compliments.

The name of her company came to her in a serendipitous, magical way. Ask her about it at the Open House. She celebrates taking risks and finding joy in the outcome. To color outside the lines or to simply remove the lines altogether. 

Kim encourages you to choose what moves you and invites you to think differently. Take a moment to listen to your own narrative. How do you define yourself? 

Embrace the chaos.  That way life just may astonish you.

Attend Smitten’s Third Thursday, October 17, from 5:30 P.M. ‘til the fat lady sings and the cows come home. Smitten’s address is 468 Main Street, downtown Highlands. Call (828) 526-9300 for hours of operation.

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