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Grace’s work will be highlighted with a sculpture installation open in The Bascom Education Gallery through September 3, 2019

A key component to the effectiveness of The Bascom’s education and outreach programming is the instructors that help implement programs and partnerships. Each year, The Bascom selects highly qualified resident artists to provide instruction, create work for exhibition, and engage the community through their studio practice. The Bascom Education Fellowship is a program designed to recruit talented artists and educators that bring their unique perspective and creative skill set to The Bascom’s summer education and outreach programs. Education Fellows are tasked with curriculum development and lead instruction for hands-on programs for youth and adults hosted both on-site on our campus and off-site in partnership with The Bascom’s many community outreach partner groups. Grace Woodard was selected as The Bascom’s 2019 Education Fellow and has been instrumental in providing instruction for youth and outreach programs this summer, including work with the Boys and Girls Club of the Plateau, the Macon County Public Library, and Chestnut Hill. Ms. Woodard is a recent graduate of the Western Carolina University School of Fine Art, receiving her BFA in sculpture.  Grace’s work will be highlighted with a sculpture installation open in The Bascom Education Gallery through September 3, 2019. Grace’s exhibition titled Threads highlights distinctive moments in an individual’s life which help to create our unique stories. “One thread, one mark, one moment. It’s insignificance aids in it going unseen. Add in more threads, more marks, and more moments. A resulting finished product, a masterpiece, a life story. We each live out distinctive moments; we each make our own marks, and our threads come in different lengths and various colors. These threads, these marks, these moments –  they create our story. No one else has it stitched together in the same way. Our individuality is worth celebrating, it is worth sharing. Our story is significant. But amongst the differences, there are threads that are similar - marks we both made and moments we both lived, stitched into our story in either similar fashion or vastly different measures. It will look different, but get to know the threads, and we will soon see our common ground.” - Grace Woodard

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