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An Ambitious 2020

by Kaye McHann

The Highlands Chamber of Commerce is launching an ambitious program to illuminate its future.

As the New Year begins, the Highlands Chamber becomes focused on the future and setting our business goals.

It’s time to dig deep and identify values and legacy of our organization, write down our goal and create a specific action plan. Committing to the writing process and developing concrete steps is energizing and exciting. It opens the door to possibilities and sets the direction to get there. Questions like where you want to be years from now and what impact you want to have ends up creating leveraged goals.

For 2020, the chamber has set the goal of developing a Strategic Plan, based on research and developed to be used daily and not a dust collector. Our plan will provide a long-term perspective on operations and a road map. Knowing that the only thing certain about the future is that it will be uncertain helps us keep an organic mind set and embrace the fact that everything will not go as planned.

But, with values and vision at the core, unforeseen detours will keep us from losing sight of our goal and when opportunities arise, we will have guideposts to ensure the opportunities we pursue are coherent and aligned. You may be asking yourself why this is important to share. It’s important because you can be involved in the process! The research we will be conducting will involve full time residents, part time residents, and town leaders along with our board of directors, committee members and staff. Be on the lookout for your opportunity to participate in 2020!

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