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Active Participant in Your Own Care

by Dr. Sue Aery

A few carefully considered decisions about our eating habits can boost our chances for good health.

We’re all faced with choices and decisions every day regarding many aspects of our lives: what to eat, where to travel, what clothes to wear, etc.

When it comes to good health, the decision-making can be constant! We have choices at our fingertips and the discernment process needs to be taken seriously.

Good health is our choice, for the most part!  Despite “choice” making it sound simple, we face serious obstacles and road blocks every day when it comes to health. The foods that we are surrounded by and that are readily available are often loaded with very damaging chemicals and usually have very little nutritional value, even though the label may indicate otherwise. Don’t be fooled by clever label advertising touting things like “All Natural.” My best advice here is to turn the packaging over and over until you discover the Ingredients List. Read this carefully and think about these issues: How many ingredients are listed and in what order? Are these ingredients sourced from organic and non-GMO farms and practices? Are there added chemicals for preservation and are they safe?

Be very discerning when it comes to what you feed your own body and your family! Every day, our bodies perform the natural process of detoxification and we need to make sure that it has the fewest burdens by making choices that allow ease of digestion. So many of us take for granted these amazing systems in the body, thinking that they will work and protect us no matter what we throw in the way.

Proper detoxification is a complex process that relies on a healthy liver and gut. The more “foods” that we eat that are not loaded with nutrients and vitamins and minerals, the more we burden this process and the more difficult it becomes for the body to stay ahead of the toxic load.

Wow, this can be somewhat daunting, so let’s make it more simple. Understand first that our choices begin with what we put in our mouth, on our body (beauty products, soaps, deodorants, toothpaste and perfumes), what we choose for our environment (air fresheners and plastics) and how well we stimulate our body to naturally detoxify (exercise and movement, hydration, sleep, stress relief).

When we become more aware of what supports our normal function and what burdens it, we can better recognize our choices on a daily basis. Make the best choices you can and understand the amazing benefits that will improve and sustain your good health. Be an active participant in your own care, educate yourself and don’t buy into the propaganda that you see on TV and on the internet unless it’s backed by scientific research and you know it will assist your body instead of restricting it! Good choices are ongoing, just as health is a very fluid process — it’s a journey and not a destination. Live well, live alive and be well!

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