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A Yogi’s Guide to Weight Balance

by Ashby Underwood-Garner | Yoga Highlands

Yoga HIghlands believes in building deep reserves that support agility of body and mind. They specialize in adapting yoga for your individual needs and a nourishing approach to self-care through Ayurveda and personal retreat.

Are you possibly feeling weighed down at winter’s end?

I hear from many people who do not feel satisfied with their personal weight or shape. It’s common and may be necessary to add a layer during the colder months from eating extra food to stay warm.

This stagnation, if not removed, can accumulate in both body and mind. Weight gain and excess acidosis is a common physical sign of this. Mental stagnation can appear as confusion, depression or negative self-talk. These patterns can build over the years. Would you rather be a stagnant pond or a flowing river? With spring arriving, it’s time to clean things up.

Here are two steps to get started right now balancing your weight naturally:

Step 1. Identify Excess. Ask yourself, “Where am I over-indulging?” First, set your intention and commit to positive, healthy change for yourself. From this vantage point, begin to observe yourself, your rhythms and daily choices. Learn to distinguish between appetite, craving, and hunger. Remove greed by redefining balance in eating, sleeping, and exercising. You may find that your definition of leisure changes. A hot cup of tea can be decadent when you choose well for you.

Step 2. Clear Excess. Hydration is key. Upon rising, drink a cup of warm lemon water with brewed fresh ginger to stimulate digestion. Take a 20 minute walk and do 10 push-ups daily to build core strength. Finish your evening meal by 6:00 P.M. Going to bed a little hungry is a good thing!

Use a dry skin brush to improve circulation from your legs and arms toward your heart. Stimulating the flow of your lymphatic system opens the channels for natural waste to release. Residue in the colon, liver, and gall bladder can be addressed with a food-based spring cleanse, herbal teas and yoga techniques.

Schedule a day for a personal digital detox to put down your phone and computer. Be “unavailable” to others to be available for yourself. When we reclaim our thoughts as our own and not what we are fed through a screen, our creativity soars.

A spring cleanse is a reset that empowers you with self-control, surprising vitality, and confidence in achieving the body you deserve.

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