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Covid-19 Medical Info

In the interest of keeping you and everyone on The Highlands-Cashiers Plateau informed and safe, below are links and phone numbers to the agencies and organizations that have answers to your specific Coronavirus questions – and up to date information. 

What is Covid-19?

North Carolina
North Carolina Department of Health 
(COVID-19 Information: Follow NC case counts, recommendations, and new executive orders)
866-462-3821 (COVID-19 Help Line)

Jackson County
Jackson County Department of Health 
(COVID-19 Information: FAQ on COVID in Jackson Co.)
828-586-8994 (Department of Health)

Cashiers Chamber of Commerce Information Page

Macon County
Macon County Department of Health 
(Facebook Page with current information from Macon County DOH)
828-349-2517 (COVID-19 Help Line)

Macon County's State of Emergency (Updated March 19)

Highlands-Cashiers Hospital
(Facebook Page with current information hospital)

HCA COVID-19 hotline: 833.582.1874

Highlands: Tune into WHLC 104.5's 'Ask the Mayor' segments

Town of Highlands Information Page

Here is the latest from our town board who met tonight: (March 25, 2020)

Highlands, NC Town Board just passed another resolution that includes: all retail spots are ordered to close or they can opt to do curb side pick up if you call in advance with a purchase. No one allowed Inside stores. 
All restaurants can no longer do take out. You must call in advance, place order and then wait for curbside pickup or delivery. 
Anyone coming to Highlands as an overnight guest or a second homeowner will be required to quarantine for 14 days. If you have a house guest coming from out of town, you will also be required to quarantine for 14 days. 
The town will issue direct communication with all taxpayers living out of town to not come to Highlands.
Failure to abide by these laws will result in a class 2 misdemeanor charge.

Highlands Chamber of Commerce Information Page

The effects of Covid-19 on Highlands

Restaurants on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau

Due to Covid-19‭, ‬NC Governor Roy Cooper announced on Tuesday‭, ‬March 17‭ ‬an executive order that‭ ‬
closes restaurants and bars for dine-in customers but allows them to continue takeout and delivery orders‭.‬


We hope that the reference guide (downloadable above) makes the ordering process as easy as possible for our residents and visitors‭.‬ NOT ALL RESTAURANTS ON GUIDE OFFER TAKEOUT. CALL AHEAD.

As of March 25, per Mayor Taylor's executive order, Highlands' restaurants are only open for curbside and delivery orders. 

Have we missed a restaurant? Email us.


Keep in mind that many restaurants have their menus posted on their websites and‭ / ‬or Facebook page‭.‬

Area Restaurants.jpg
Local Closures

Have we missed someone? Email us.

The Bascom Closed until March 31.

The Bookworm Closed until March 31.

HCP's Dinner Theatre 2020 has been postponed. 

Highlands Biological Station Closed until March 31

Highlands PAC: All screenings and performances have been postponed through March 31.

Highlands Playhouse Closed until further notice.

Highlands Rec Park Facilities are closed until March 30.

Hudson Library and A-C Cashiers Library closed until 31.


Old Edwards Inn Hospitality Group has closed all Old Edwards Hospitality Group businesses until further notice, following checkout tomorrow, (Tuesday, March 17) including all hotels, spa, restaurants and retail. 

Village Green The Village Green is open; The Village Play is closed; Easter activities canceled.


The Highlands Chamber of Commerce has have set up a process to connect volunteers to those in need.

If you would like to assist those in need, fill out form here.

Additional ideas? Email us.

If you are a bartender, bar back or cocktail server who needs financial support, apply to USBG emergency assistance program.

Crown Heritage Flowers is making itself available to take supplies to local residents who are afraid or unable to go out. The current offering is available over the phone at 828-526-8671 beyond our listed business hours and we can guarantee delivery within the hour.

Are you at risk and afraid to get out? Call Deborah Berlin at 706-490-7079 or Sue Aery at 828-200-9191 for assistance on needed items to be delivered.

Some thoughtful points from a reader‭:‬

“Read you post FB post regarding supporting our local establishments during this difficult Coronavirus threat‭.  ‬As Susan‭ & ‬I are‭ ‬both considered to be‭, ‬“at risk‭,‬”‭ ‬we have totally stopped going anywhere‭, ‬except for absolute necessities‭, ‬namely perishable groceries‭.  ‬But we are even planning‭ ‬to eliminate our trips to Bryson’s and Ingles by looking for someone much younger to do our grocery shopping for us‭.   ‬But another way we intend to support our local establishments is to donate money to them as if we continued to patronize them under normal conditions‭.  ‬For example‭, ‬we used to go to a local restaurant for a weekly lunch after church on Sundays‭; ‬we are now donating what we would have spent per month to said restaurant.  ‬Also‭, ‬we stopped taking our dog‭, ‬Fisher‭, ‬to a local business for his grooming every 6‭ ‬weeks‭.  ‬Now‭, ‬we will be‭ ‬sending said business a check every 6‭ ‬weeks for an amount that would normally cover Fisher’s visit to them‭.  ‬We also setup online giving to our church‭, ‬Highlands United Methodist Church‭, ‬as our services are now largely‭ ‬virtual‭.  ‬Sure‭, ‬this may not be much in the grander scheme of things‭, ‬but it’s just our way of following your request and another way to support our local establishments during this difficult time‭.  ‬We are‭ ‬and love our community‭!‬

- Greg & Susan C.